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September 27, 2021 1 min read

Not many people look at a cactus and think “miracle beauty product.” But if they knew the truth about the prickly pear plant (otherwise known as the Opuntia Ficus Indica), they might just change their tune — here are some of the top benefits.

Full of vitamins and other good stuff

You’d struggle to find an ingredient with a higher concentration of great ingredients. The oil contains staggering amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin K, essential fatty acids (such as omega 6 and 9), and antioxidants, which combine to do your skin a world of good.

Anti-aging properties

Thanks to these powerful properties, prickly pear seed oil does a great job at fighting the signs of aging. It increases the skin’s elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, making your face seem brighter and tighter.

Absorbed quickly by the skin

Fed up of trying to sleep with a sticky face after carrying out your skincare routine or leaving the house with shiny, oily skin? You won’t face that issue with prickly pear seed oil — it’s very lightweight, so the skin absorbs it quickly and leaves minimal residue. 

Fights inflammation

Having red, inflamed skin is most people’s worst nightmare, but the fatty acids in prickly pear seed oil will help to keep your face calm and beautiful.

Try it for yourself

You don’t just have to take our word for it. At Kalon Skincare, we have a range of organic beauty products with the highest quality ingredients — including prickly pear seed oil. Why not check out our full collection? 

Elhaam Javeid
Elhaam Javeid

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